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TBFBTubular Backwash Filter

耐腐蚀,高性价/Corrosion resistance, Cost effective

  • TBF管式可反洗过滤组件采用全塑结构设计,特别适用于中等腐蚀性液体的固液分离过程,多种不同精度的滤芯,由于其可拆可反洗的重复使用的特点,在常规滤芯和袋式过滤器受限应用场合发挥独特的作用,并具有更低的运行成本,多台组件并联集成系统可灵活满足不同大流量的要求;PLC程序控制能实现逐个组件在线或离线反洗的同时,其他在线的组件同时连续工作,无需整套备用,大大地节省投资成本;
  • TBFBTubular Backwash Filter Components adopt all plastic materials, especially suit for moderately corrosive liquid solid-liquid separation process. Filter element with different precision., due to its repeated-use characteristics of detachable and backwashing, it can play a unique role in the limited application field of the conventional filter and bag filter, and has lower running costs. Multi- component parallel integration system can be flexible to meet the requirements of the different mass flow; PLC program control can realize one by one component online or ofline, while other online components work continuously without the whole set of backup, which greatly save the investment cost;